A little bit more of Beijing


Carlos and I were only in Beijing for the long weekend, so we tried to visit as many places as we could like “The Temple of Heaven, The Summer Palace and the Forbidden City“.  We were able to visit the first two, but since we did not buy our tickets in advance for the Forbidden City, we were only able to see the entrance which was a pity because we were already there.  Apparently, they only sell 80,000 tickets per day if I can remember correctly, so for those of you who’d like to be able to enter the Forbidden City, you should book/buy your tickets before going there or you’ll end up like us only being able to see the entrance.

Since we had free time later on in the afternoon, we went around to hop from restaurant to food stalls.  Basically, all we did was eat.  From their special roasted duck/Peking duck to bugs and scorpions, our stomachs were filled, but enjoyed the experience of all the exotic food we had.  I highly recommend anyone who’s in town to go to Wangfujing because that’s where we got to try a bunch of street food.  And once you try them, you’ll be proud of yourself because you can consider it as an achievement or maybe that’s just me.  Do let me know what you think of our photos.


Apologies for the chaotic post because I haven’t had the time to sort everything out, but I hope you like this post.  Also, it’s almost the weekend once again and I couldn’t be more excited because I’ll be flying again so stay tuned!


Regine Anne



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