Home away from home

Hello again from Little Rock, just a quick update after a week of hopping from city to city.  It’s been really fun travelling with my aunt and my sister and also with my brother who joined us later in San Francisco.  I got to Little Rock way past midnight from Chicago last week on my sister’s birthday and I felt a bit frustrated that that happened, but it’s not like there was anything I could do so I just went with it.  Felt at home the moment I arrived because I saw my siblings waiting for me and one of the main reasons I came here in June this year was because my sister turned 30!  It’s a big deal and I told her that I wouldn’t miss it for the world so we celebrated it and I’m glad to have been a part of it, even though it would’ve been better if our parents were here.

But anyways, the day after my sister’s birthday, we flew to Las Vegas.  Yup!  The city that also never sleeps because of everything that goes on what with the casinos, clubs, etc.  We got in past noon because our flight in the morning got cancelled which sucked because it only gave us a few hours to stroll around the strip and even so, we had even less time as we met up with an old friend of our dad’s who treated us to a lovely buffet at the M Resort.  While the food looked very appetizing and everything seemed really delicious, there were just too many food options that we couldn’t devour everything.  It was too overwhelming.

Vegas 5Vegas 2IMG_1364Vegas 1Vegas 3Vegas 4IMG_1530Vegas 6Vegas 7Vegas 8

We strolled around for a few hours after dinner (and went to see the Bellagio, Cesar’s Palace, The Venetian and a few more) because we were already there despite the fact that we had to wake up really early the next day.  And after contemplating on what I’ve seen, I realized that I can’t live in Vegas even though I had a wonderful time and it did feel like home after seeing all of the familiar hotels.  First of all, the excessive heat did not appeal to me, as well as the fact that at the end of the day, it gave me the impression that they will always only be hotels and casinos and I’m not just about that life.  However, don’t get me wrong, I would go back to Vegas for fun and maybe do a little bit of gambling (when I have the moolaaah) when the weather is a lot cooler.  Till then, I hope you like the photos taken with my phone and tune in for my next post.  I might do a post on “the highlights of our Vegas trip”.


Regine Anne


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