Living on the edge


This trip has been all about “firsts” and I remember being unable to contain my excitement when my sister told me that we were going to the Grand Canyon.  The Grand Canyon!  Again, I never thought I’d be able to step foot in Arizona and sooner than I imagined too.  Carlos and I have talked about going there before and we still intend to do so together, but having seen it has definitely opened my eyes once again.  To be able to live and see such wonder is a blessing.  (I took a lot of photos btw, so feel free to keep scrolling.)


First things first though, we woke up at 4 am because we had to take a shower, get dressed, get some coffee from Starbucks and get on the bus that would take us to Arizona.  My sister booked the Grand Canyon South Rim Grayline Tour for $79.00/person with taxes included which was comfortable enough if you ask me.  In addition, lunch was provided, but don’ expect anything fancy!  Therefore if you’re interested in the tours, you can look into it.  I believe it’ll be much cheaper if you book it in advance and of course if you prefer a much more comfortable drive on your way there, there are other options too.  You can book a luxury limo van for a higher price.  Oh!  And there are helicopter rides too which I intend to do the next time I go back there.  Otherwise, if you’d rather go there yourself, feel free to do so.


En route to the Grand Canyon, we (the coach) stopped at several stops like the Hoover Dam, convenience stores, McDonald’s, etc.  I can’t say much about the Dam except for the fact that thousands of people were involved in constructing it, according to our driver/guide.  We were only there for a few minutes though because we had to get on with the schedule of getting to the main attraction.


While the whole trip took a whole day (from Vegas), we only spent two hours at the Canyon, so you can pretty much figure out how long the ride going back and forth took, but it was alright because we slept on the coach a lot and our driver had played a couple of movies so a big thumbs up for the ride and our driver!


One of the reasons our brother wasn’t with us was because we thought it’d be a “sister thing” and also we thought he’d have other plans this summer, but it would’ve been nice if he was there.  Oh well, there’s always a next time!  We had an awesome time with one of our cool aunts though.  Check out her lovely pose below!



Sitting on the edge was somewhat terrifying because one wrong step could cause you your life and there’s no recovering from that, but it was exciting at the same time.  The thrill of seeing the beauty of our vast world gave me a sense of realization: a realization that the world will always be beautiful and we owe it to the world for it to stay that way, as cliché as it may sound.  Till then, stay tuned for my next posts!


P.S. You can get ice-cream from one of the shops there, but remember to eat it immediately because it melts pretty quickly, especially with the heat and the sun out.


Regine Anne



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