Cali Adventure Part One: Los Angeles

Aaaahh!  The City of Angels: somewhere I’ve been wanting to go for the longest time because I’ve always wanted to go to places I’ve never been.  My sister and I got on the early flight at 6-ish from Vegas which only took about an hour and we obviously lacked sleep, so we had to each get a cuppa joe and some bagels.  En route to LA, we still fell asleep at some point, but Miley’s song “Party in the USA” was stuck in my head ever since I was told we were gonna pass by.  Landed at LAX, got our bags and went straight to the car rental parking (Alamo Co.) where we paid $197.00 for three days.

3I didn’t really know what we could do while we were there as we didn’t even stay there very long because the plan was to drive along the coast which was what we did (partly and not the whole way because of the landslide which happened a month ago prior to our trip).  However, we did get to see the Hollywood sign, go to the Griffith Observatory and have In-N-Out for lunch.  All of those were on my list btw, and my sister made them happen.  Oh and seeing the palm trees were good enough for me.


We only drove by Hollywood and Sunset Boulevard because we didn’t have enough time to go everywhere, but I was content with what I’d seen.  Of course, coming back to that city will always be an option as I would like to hike up the Hollywood sign someday.


From the Griffith Observatory, we got a good view of the Hollywood Sign which was perfect because seeing it made our trip worthwhile.  The reason we went to the Griffith Observatory was because it reminded us of La La Land!  It would’ve been nice to go at night, but again we didn’t have time so going during the day had to suffice.  I bet it was pretty either way.  I wasn’t the one who was driving so my sister got a little stressed out at some point, but then again, it’s not like I applied for an international license (and I probably couldn’t drive here anyways. lol)




We went to Pasadena afterwards where we had Filipino dessert which was yuuuumy which I’ll post about in my next post so stay tuned!


Regine Anne



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