Cali Adventure Part 2: Pasadena & Santa Barbara


We drove past LA and headed straight to Pasadena where we had Filipino desserts at Café 86.  We got one of the ube cupcakes topped with flan and an ube tart/pie.  And to drink I got an ube boba, because why not?  Ube errrrthang!  My sister got a lemonade or something if I’m not mistaken.  I loved the ube cupcake and flan combo because it was different, but I’m not sure I can say the same for the boba.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m down for trying new things, but maybe the ube boba was a bit too much.  I think I drank half of it though.23I loved the ambience of the café as it felt really warm and cozy.  Not to mention they had free wifi and there were a couple of students either just chilling or studying which I could totally see myself doing if I were a student there.  It was a pretty cool café and I’d love to try a bunch of their other desserts next time.  Do check it out if ever you’re in town.

We spent a few hours checking out some of the shops while we were there as we weren’t able to shop in Vegas, but even then I didn’t get to shop as much.  They had Urban Outfitters, Minisoo, Cottton On and a couple of other stores, but all I got were a pair of shorts from Madewell.  Sure didn’t get my shopping fill in that part of town, but it was better than nothing.


From Pasadena, we went to Santa Barbara.  I’m honestly not sure where we were half the time because we were on the road most of the time which I was fine with, and given that we only had a week, we always had to be on the go.  Oh well, I promised myself that I’ll be back, so I’ll explore it when that time comes.


We found ourselves stopping at Mission Santa Barbara which is apparently very historical.  I can’t say much about it because it’s not like we got to go inside, but from the outside, I thought it was really pretty and I loved the fact that it had some pink on it.  It looked minimal, yet very creative at the same time.  Also, the moment we got out of the car, we felt a cool breeze which was great because the heat began to get too much.


We managed to get some “ootd” photos too while we were outside of Mission, but it was a very basic outfit to be honest.  An all black ensemble which I topped off with a really thin cardigan.  The outfit I wore was okay for the weather in Santa Barbara at the time we were there, but it could’ve been colder in the evening.  Cold weather with the sun shining is my kind of weather.

8What’s on me: Shirt: Gap (sister’s) | Shorts: Stradivarius | Cardigan & Flats: H&M| 910121311

As we drove to Oceano, we caught the sunset and for a moment, it felt like we were chasing the sun.  Fun fact: I like being on the road, especially because I’m not the one driving.  It’s such a selfish thing to say, but again, I don’t have an international license so I couldn’t drive even if I wanted to.  However, being on the passenger’s seat and being able to look out the window has always been a wonderful thing for me.  I never sleep because I don’t want to miss out on anything.  Having gone through mountains and by the ocean has made me realize how amazing our world is.  Then again, that’s how I always feel whenever I’m not in Macau.  Being able to live and experience life is the best thing ever, so I’d encourage everyone to get out there and travel because WE were meant to live life to the fullest!  Stay tuned for my next post!


Regine Anne



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