Cali Adventure Part 3: Solvang


We drove to Solvang from Oceano the next day where the weather turned out to be very promising.  This little Danish town was one of the highlights of our Cali trip, for me anyways because I’ve never been to Denmark, so everything was new to me.  I never knew what kinds of food the Danish people eat and since we got to have breakfast there, I got a bit of an idea.


We got to have pancakes at Paula’s pancake house which was really good.  It was somewhat similar to the pancakes I’m used to, except they were crepe like topped with fruits, powdered sugar and whipped cream.  Not being biased, but I think I liked those better.  Moreover, the sausage was delish too, so we had to order another one because one was just not enough.


We roamed around the cute little town for a while, but again, we didn’t stay there very long as we had to drive up to Monterey which was also very pretty by the way (I’ll try to post about it soon).


Moreover, the more we walked, the more we discovered places to eat at and stuff to buy.  We bought some marzipans and a strudel from the bakery which were delicious!  I’ve got no words for the cream cheese strudel we got because they were too yummy and all I wanted to do was to keep eating it.  Honestly, it was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten!  Do drop by the Mortensen’s bakery if you ever find yourself in town.


Aebleskiver (aka Pancake balls)


While we didn’t think of buying anything aside from food, I managed to buy myself a charm from Pandora and a $37 hat which I shouldn’t have bought because I was only able to wear it there for a while.  I really need to learn to control myself more in the future because I’m the worst when it comes to shopping (only when I’m out of Macau, though).  Do any of you try to control yourself from buying unnecessary crap when it comes to shopping out of town?   Do tell.  And also, stay tuned for more travel posts!


Regine Anne


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