Cali Adventure Part 4: Oceano & Morro Bay

There are a lot of beaches in California (a lot of which I wanted to see), but given that we only had very little time, we only got to see two: Pismo State Beach & Morro Bay so we had to make the most of every opportunity we got.  While the weather wasn’t as promising as we’d hoped, I thought the beaches still looked very pretty in comparison to the one we have back home.  It was freezing and windy and clothes we had on was not enough.  It made me wonder how the people who were there initially could dip themselves into the water because I wouldn’t have been able to wear a swimsuit and dive in.

125Moving on, the sand at Pismo State Beach was very fine, nothing I’d seen or felt before because while we were there, I was able to remove my shoes and just walk on it without having to worry about stepping on tiny stones or pebbles.  Of course, I learnt from my sister that that beach was known for the sand dunes and if only we had time, we would’ve rented ATVs.  But oh well, there’s always a next time! 😉


Did I mention it was windy?  It was too windy that I couldn’t take my hand off of my hat for a second.  Didn’t wanna risk it being blown into the ocean after paying $30+ for it though I had to remove it at some point.  10864

Driving up to Morro Bay, we saw blue skies and the fog lifting up, but the latter immediately reappeared the moment we got there.  It was gloomy and once again, freezing!  However, despite the cold, we decided to try dipping our feet in the water.  Words cannot express how cold my feet felt, but it got better over time.  I kind of wished the weather wasn’t as cold as it was when we went though, but there wasn’t much we could do.  The view was very mesmerizing either way, especially with the huge rock formation.111213

There were definitely a lot more people in Morro Bay than there were in Pismo State Beach and I guess I could understand why.  There were more food stalls and restaurants to eat at nearby.141516While the water wasn’t as clear as the ones I’ve seen in photos of beaches in the Philippines, it was definitely clean unlike the one in Macau.  Then again, I shouldn’t compare though it’s hard not to.  I’m not even being biased, but yes, the beaches we saw during that day won’t be forgotten and who knows?  We might go back again one day with the whole family and hopefully then, the sun will come out to-Morro Bay.  HAHA!  Hope you like the photos, loves!  Some of them are a little bit blurry, but I tried.


Regine Anne



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