Cali Adventure Part 5: Monterey

After being on the road for another couple of hours, we ended up in Marina (where we stayed at our host’s lovely home) and after resting for half an hour, we headed out for dinner and ended up in Monterey: another quaint little town that I’d love to go back to because of its picturesqueness.  The weather was perfect, though we were freezing when we got there.  And as we pulled up in one of the empty parking spaces, we witnessed the sunset and boy was it inexplicably gorgeous, especially with the ocean there as well.  Stunning!  471
3We had dinner at this restaurant called the Fish Hopper which was amazing because it had a beautiful sea view.  We were both in so much awe that we couldn’t stop gawking at the ocean.  And for starters, they served us our cocktail/wine along with clam chowder and a platter of fresh oysters which we both shared.  Yummmm!!  Everything was sooooo good by the way and I’m glad we got to do our Sister date during the first week I was there which is earlier than usual.  Our Sister date tradition began 3 years ago when we went out for dinner and watched a movie on a Thursday night a few days before I left the US and since then, we’d always go somewhere nice on a Thursday (a few days before I leave Murica).  256I was craving for pasta that night so that’s exactly what I ordered and my sister got something that I can’t remember, but I’m pretty sure it was fish.  They were both delicious, but as always, I couldn’t finish my food because it was too much.  Still one of the best dishes I’ve ever had though.

My sister and I both thought that it was such a romantic setting and that it would’ve been nice to go on a date there with the people we’re dating.  Again, I thought about it and next time would be great if we get an opportunity like that.


Regine Anne


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