Cali Adventure Part 6: Big Sur

We left our air BNB the next morning and our host was just the sweetest person ever as she gave my sister and I both some pistachio muffins for breakfast which she didn’t have to.  However, we took them anyways because they looked really good and it would’ve been rude for us not to.9After finishing our cups of coffee, we decided to leave.  However, Bob-the-cat, decided to go out of the house at the same time we did which made us panic because we weren’t sure if he was going to come back and whether or not we should leave the back door open in case he did go back.  Not to mention, we couldn’t get a hold of our host, but not to worry because apparently, cats are very smart and independent and they can find their way back all the time.  I wasn’t sure whether I liked cats, but after bonding with Bob the night before, I might just consider getting one in the future.

From Marina, we drove through Big Sur (something I didn’t know we were gonna do), but I guess my sister winged it and that was pretty awesome of her because what we saw was again inexplicably beautiful!  It’s as if everything was made right in the world.  Seeing the ocean waves and the mountains through the fog made me thankful for everything because at that very moment, I felt so blessed for everything I’ve been given although of course I try my best to feel that way all the time.  We were awestruck and speechless as we continued to take photos (lots!) of the scenery in front of us.

3 4161556789 Nope!  Wasn’t kidding when I said we took a lot of photos and we just couldn’t stop because we thought every photo we took was just as pretty as the previous one, if not, even prettier.  The fog began to lift as well just as we were admiring the view, so we stayed a bit longer.17111412181013Being there was certainly overwhelming (in a good way) and it made me think about my life, as well as my family’s and how great God is to have blessed us with everything He’s given us.  I know I tend to be a little bit dramatic and at times I’d complain about certain situations, but we’re blessed and I love life despite the ups and downs we go through.  The world is huge and God allowed us to witness it in order for us to appreciate it, so I thank Him for everything once again.  Till next post!


Regine Anne

P.S. Hope you like the photos that were taken by my sister and yours truly.


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