Cali Adventure Part 7: Monterey & San Jose

69While I’m physically back in Macau, my head is still in the clouds and daydreaming about my previous trip with my siblings.  And I have more photos to share, so I’m doing just that.  Also because I don’t really have much to look forward to after I’ve begun working again, but Mind Over Matter.

Aaah yes, right after spending time in Big Sur, we made our way back to Monterey where I got a charm from Pandora and a hot chocolate from Ghirardelli (and one of the best might I add).  We were in a hurry to leave Monterey because we wanted to have lunch at Jollibee which is one of the largest fast-food chains in the Philippines because they have one of the best fried chicken in the world (to me anyways).  Feel free to disagree, but their chicken joy and jolly spaghetti is the best combo yet!  I loved it even more because the portions were huge, though it was a little bit too much that I couldn’t breathe afterwards.  And for dessert, we had Halo Halo, literally translated as “Mix-Mix”.  That was certainly a good meal!12

Below are more photos I took with my phone from Monterey and San Jose as we made our way to the Golden State that is San Francisco, so stay tuned for my next post as I’ll share with you the highlights of what happened there.  For now, I leave you with some more of my photos.810711


Regine Anne


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