Muji @ Shenzhen

A little weekend getaway never hurt anybody, except for our wallets which are in dire need of mending.  But jokes aside, I’ve always looked forward to days when Carlos would be off on weekends and thankfully two weekends ago, he was which is why we decided to go to one of our neighboring cities, Shenzhen.  We didn’t really have a concrete plan before going there because neither of us had the time and let’s face it, we both suck at planning.  And besides, I wanted it to be super chill and relaxing though I sort of lost it on our way to the Muji hotel because google maps gave us the wrong directions.  I don’t really have the right to complain because I suck at directions and if there’s anyone who should’ve been mad, it’s Carlos since he’s the one who makes sure we get to our destination.I know Muji’s already very popular among a lot of people, mostly youngsters and minimalists and we’ve been going there since grade school (not because I’m a minimalist) only because their stationery were already very popular back then, especially their colored pens and snacks.  Therefore, when we heard about the Muji Hotel, Carlos and I thought we should stay there, but it was fully booked by the time we decided to reserve a room.  Oh well!  There’s always next time and besides, we decided to pay a visit to the shop anyways because why not?  Everything seemed to be in an orderly fashion which is what lured us into going there in the first place and of course into buying stuff. They have a pretty cool concept of being “basic” from their wall art to hanging chairs and to everything on display. We feasted our eyes as we explored every inch of both floors of the shop.  Do check it out for yourselves and you’ll be amazed if you enjoy that kind of stuff!  Carlos and I certainly loved it and we’ll definitely be back to stay in their hotel in the future.


Regine Anne


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