BRB, Daydreaming of Paree!

4There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t miss Paris and the fact that it’s already been 6 years makes me wonder if I’ll ever be able to step foot in the city of Love again soon.  However, nobody ever said that we couldn’t look back and daydream, right?


Being in Paris was the best thing that ever happened to me in terms of growing up.  It’s a city like no other because the moment you get there, it blows you away!  And while being in a new country or city always excites me, there was something different about Paris because I was on my own.  I had the freedom to make my own decisions and I was able to get lost in one of those storybooks I never thought I’d be in.  And even though it was scary at first, I embraced it anyways.

Talented artists spread out across the city inspiring both tourists and locals with such creativity that no one dared to criticize because they were so unique in their own ways.  And everywhere I looked, my heart exploded with glitter and birthday cake surprises as I felt like one of the luckiest girls who had won more than the lottery (not that I dream of ever winning it).  I gained experience, learnt about their culture and was mesmerized by every quaint little corner, café and everything in between.  Paris had a huge impact on me because I learnt to be alone in terms of getting to places, but I also made friends whom I’ve been able to keep in touch with thanks to social media.  And to this very day, I have no one to thank, but God and my parents because today, I have something to smile about despite having difficulties in “adulting”.  How’s July treating you?  Do tell.


PPS. Keep your dreams alive and believe in yourself that they can be pursued as long as you’re alive!  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!  You all got this!


Regine Anne


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