Dumaguete – Part 2

2It’s been more than a month since our last trip and I’m still not done posting about Dumaguete.  Do bear with me as I’ve been busy lazing around during my days off, but then again, it’s not like anybody really cares whether I post this or not.  However, I’m doing this for future me, so I’ll have something to look back on whenever I feel like reminiscing.

Anyways, moving on to our second day in DGT, our friends took us to Apo Island where it was definitely a first for me since I’m not really a big fan of being in water whilst I do enjoy the occasional swim.  You see I have a phobia of water for some inexplicable reason, but not to the extent where I wouldn’t try things for the first time.  I wasn’t going to miss out on swimming with the turtles especially when everybody was going to do it. 13495Apo Island is about half an hour away by boat from DGT City, even though it felt like an hour to get there especially when we were all seated silently and the only sounds we could hear were the waves and the boat engine.

We were all given snorkeling masks and a life vest which you could opt to wear or not.  Once we got into the water, I held on to the ring buoy which was being pulled by one of our guides via a rope.  Slowly, we drifted away from the shore and all I could hear was the sound of the waves and my breathing, as well as the voices of people nearby.  I submerged my face underwater and I was astonished as to how beautiful life underneath was: the corals were dancing and the massive turtles were swimming and going on about their business and then and there, I thought to myself how great God’s creation is.  I’m once again grateful to have been a part of this experience and to have been able to share it with my friends.  To more adventures with you all in the future!


Regine Anne

P.S. Stole some of the photos from the Breakfast Club.


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