My Travel Round Up for the Year 2017

This year has been really epic for me due to the fact that I went all out with travelling to both nearby places and the other side of the world with my boyfriend, siblings and my parents.  I’ve never felt happier and broke at the same time because as I’ve mentioned in one of my posts before, travelling takes a toll on my finances, but nothing can replace the wonderful memories I’ve made with the special people in my heart.  Therefore, I’m sharing with you some of my favourite memories below. Continue reading “My Travel Round Up for the Year 2017”


Living on the edge


This trip has been all about “firsts” and I remember being unable to contain my excitement when my sister told me that we were going to the Grand Canyon.  The Grand Canyon!  Again, I never thought I’d be able to step foot in Arizona and sooner than I imagined too.  Carlos and I have talked about going there before and we still intend to do so together, but having seen it has definitely opened my eyes once again.  To be able to live and see such wonder is a blessing.  (I took a lot of photos btw, so feel free to keep scrolling.)

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