My Travel Round Up for the Year 2017

This year has been really epic for me due to the fact that I went all out with travelling to both nearby places and the other side of the world with my boyfriend, siblings and my parents.  I’ve never felt happier and broke at the same time because as I’ve mentioned in one of my posts before, travelling takes a toll on my finances, but nothing can replace the wonderful memories I’ve made with the special people in my heart.  Therefore, I’m sharing with you some of my favourite memories below. Continue reading “My Travel Round Up for the Year 2017”


Cali Adventure Part 10: San Francisco Photo Diary

IMG_7968.JPGGood morning everyone and have a great day ahead!  It’s currently 6 in the morning and I’ve decided to continue sharing photos of San Francisco, so that I can move on to talk about other things.  I’m really not good at this, but hey, I’m trying my best and I did promise myself that this blog is for me and not for pleasing people.  If you like my blog, thank you 🙂 Otherwise, it doesn’t really matter. Continue reading “Cali Adventure Part 10: San Francisco Photo Diary”

Cali Adventure Part 9: Hamilton, The Musical


Happy September everyone!  I somewhat can’t believe that a new month has begun once again because that means time has managed to go by without me noticing.  And with everything that’s happened recently (my brother leaving, being stressed out at work, dealing with family matters and the typhoons that hit Macau, how can I?  However, not to worry, I believe human beings were made to go through stressful events and come out stronger than ever.  And also once again, I’m still trying my best to blog and I know these posts are so long overdue, but don’t judge me.

About  two and a half months ago, my sister and I went to watch Hamilton.  My first ever “broadway” show.  I was excited to watch it long before as I’ve been listening to the album since my sister told me about it last year.  Now, I’ve never learnt about the founding father, Alexander Hamilton, in History class previously as I did not study in the US.  However, after listening to the lyrics of the songs and googling facts about him, I was inspired.  I’ve always liked history and it was a genius of Lin Manuel to have been able to turn Hamilton’s story into a musical!
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Cali Adventure Part 7: Monterey & San Jose

69While I’m physically back in Macau, my head is still in the clouds and daydreaming about my previous trip with my siblings.  And I have more photos to share, so I’m doing just that.  Also because I don’t really have much to look forward to after I’ve begun working again, but Mind Over Matter. Continue reading “Cali Adventure Part 7: Monterey & San Jose”

Cali Adventure Part 4: Oceano & Morro Bay

There are a lot of beaches in California (a lot of which I wanted to see), but given that we only had very little time, we only got to see two: Pismo State Beach & Morro Bay so we had to make the most of every opportunity we got.  While the weather wasn’t as promising as we’d hoped, I thought the beaches still looked very pretty in comparison to the one we have back home.  It was freezing and windy and clothes we had on was not enough.  It made me wonder how the people who were there initially could dip themselves into the water because I wouldn’t have been able to wear a swimsuit and dive in.

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Cali Adventure Part One: Los Angeles

Aaaahh!  The City of Angels: somewhere I’ve been wanting to go for the longest time because I’ve always wanted to go to places I’ve never been.  My sister and I got on the early flight at 6-ish from Vegas which only took about an hour and we obviously lacked sleep, so we had to each get a cuppa joe and some bagels.  En route to LA, we still fell asleep at some point, but Miley’s song “Party in the USA” was stuck in my head ever since I was told we were gonna pass by.  Landed at LAX, got our bags and went straight to the car rental parking (Alamo Co.) where we paid $197.00 for three days.

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