Eurotrip Part 5 – Arc de Triomphe

rhdrI’ve had this dream of walking along Champs Élysées with my love, Carlos and so before our flight back to Macau, we did just that.  Prior to our trip to Paris, we did not think we’d be able to set foot there because according to the news, there was chaos going on and people protesting, so I’d say we were lucky to have been able to count down to the New Year’s and walk along it. Continue reading “Eurotrip Part 5 – Arc de Triomphe”


Eurotrip Part 5 – Versailles & Everything in Between

hdrplAnd last, but not the least – Versailles.  This will be my second to last post for Europe (for now) because I might try to blog about food next time.  I know my posts have dragged on for so long, but meh.  There’s not a second that I don’t miss the West – call me biased, but it’s somewhat true.  Anyways, this is all I can do for now, keep sharing pictures of our past adventures hoping next time it won’t be just temporary, but one that’ll be for life. Continue reading “Eurotrip Part 5 – Versailles & Everything in Between”

Eurotrip Part 5 – The city of Love

rhdrIt feels as though it’s been so long since we were here when the truth is it’s only been two months.  However, before visiting the different cities we had in our itinerary, we first landed in Paris where we were greeted by no other than the gloomy weather that hovered over the city.  The city of Love has a special place in my heart because it was there that I first found “independence”, friendships were made and lifelong memories created despite being miles and miles away from home.  Carlos and I promised each other that we’d come here together one day after and I’m so grateful because six years after that promise – we did! Continue reading “Eurotrip Part 5 – The city of Love”