Reality Check

2July has only just begun and while good things are happening in my life and I’ve learnt to embrace the fact that I’ll just be here, I can’t help but feel unmotivated in my current w-place.  And after learning about what this person I worked my ass off for thought about me, I did not take it well.   Continue reading “Reality Check”


Baby, it’s cold outside


What’s on me: | Beret: Local store, Paris | Scarf: Jcrew Dress: Local Store, Seoul| Jacket: Dorothy Perkins|  Boots: Francesca’s| Clutch: from Tiffany| 

Once again, I’ve underestimated the weather in Macau and with that said, I was under dressed this weekend when Carlos and I hung out.  The cold seeped through my leather jacket, as well as my floral dress which if I think about it was a stupid move of mine since I could’ve worn something warmer.  Instead, I opted for these pieces just because I wanted to showcase this dress that I’ve never worn, including my boots.  With our hot cups of coffee in hand, we tried our best to brave the cold as we took these pictures.  However, even when I had my camera on hand, we decided to use Carlos’ phone camera just because it was easier and well, we got lazy. Continue reading “Baby, it’s cold outside”