Good Ole Hong Kong

10They say that “absence makes the heart grow fonder” and I couldn’t agree more.  That said, working six days a week has not been easy in terms of hanging out since both mine and Carlos’ schedule rarely overlap which is why when we got the chance to have the same day off, we decided to go to Hong Kong to relax.  And by relax, I mean walking till our feet hurt, trying out food places for the nth time and taking pictures: lots of them! Continue reading “Good Ole Hong Kong”


New Year, New Attitude


As a new year is upon us, I’m once again feeling that excitement I usually get whenever it’s the beginning of a new year.  So much positive vibes lingering in the air, so many things I’d like to accomplish and so many “plans” for the future.  I thank God for giving us each day to live as we face each challenge that comes our way with Him.  I have this goal wherein I should do all things with a positive attitude because God has given us so much more than we deserve and we ought to give back by being nice and good to other people.  At least, I’ll try to do just that and kick ass in this thing I call my job. Continue reading “New Year, New Attitude”