Cali Adventure Part 7: Monterey & San Jose

69While I’m physically back in Macau, my head is still in the clouds and daydreaming about my previous trip with my siblings.  And I have more photos to share, so I’m doing just that.  Also because I don’t really have much to look forward to after I’ve begun working again, but Mind Over Matter. Continue reading “Cali Adventure Part 7: Monterey & San Jose”


Cali Adventure Part 5: Monterey

After being on the road for another couple of hours, we ended up in Marina (where we stayed at our host’s lovely home) and after resting for half an hour, we headed out for dinner and ended up in Monterey: another quaint little town that I’d love to go back to because of its picturesqueness.  The weather was perfect, though we were freezing when we got there.  And as we pulled up in one of the empty parking spaces, we witnessed the sunset and boy was it inexplicably gorgeous, especially with the ocean there as well.  Stunning!  4 Continue reading “Cali Adventure Part 5: Monterey”