The aftermath of Travelling

Whilst travelling has left me with good memories I’ll treasure forever, it’s left my wallet hanging dry and empty.  And I mean that in the most honest way.  I’m not complaining at all, but I’d be lying if I said that it hasn’t taken a huge toll on my finances and once again, I’ve never felt so lifeless having nothing to spend for a month or two.  However, I’ve pulled myself together and figured out a way not to spend these two months.  After all, I have to keep myself busy with everything that’s going on around me.IMG_9843 Continue reading “The aftermath of Travelling”


Hamilton on Broadway!

Less than a year ago, I flew to the US for my sister’s birthday and then went on a Cali adventure which included driving along the coast and hopping from one city to the next.  Our last stop was San Francisco where we got to see one of the most popular musicals: Hamilton!  I blogged about this as well, so just click on the link if you’re interested.IMG_1773 Continue reading “Hamilton on Broadway!”

Next Stop: Brooklyn

Whilst in New York, we made it a point to stop by Brooklyn and see one of the most popular bridges ever built.  I’ve had my fair share of seeing or visiting popular bridges before and it was also my second time there, so prior to going, I wasn’t as excited although it later had an effect on me and yes it’s still pretty! I’m so glad we went and that my parents and little brother got to see it for this trip was mostly for them (my parents paid for it after all).  It was interesting to see it for the second time because it felt familiar and we got to soak it all in despite the number of people on it. [Tip: Be sure to get there early because by noon, the bridge will be filled with tourists and locals cycling.] Continue reading “Next Stop: Brooklyn”

Hello, New York!

Hello from the other side…So happy to have been able to go back to the city that never sleeps after four years and with my family too. It felt surreal, yet exciting and exhausting at the same time. However, being back there at my age felt like “hard work” in terms of walking and getting to places (not that I was of any help in looking for directions because my siblings did all the work), but that did not prevent us from seeing what we wanted to see, except for some. Continue reading “Hello, New York!”