My Travel Round Up for the Year 2017

This year has been really epic for me due to the fact that I went all out with travelling to both nearby places and the other side of the world with my boyfriend, siblings and my parents.  I’ve never felt happier and broke at the same time because as I’ve mentioned in one of my posts before, travelling takes a toll on my finances, but nothing can replace the wonderful memories I’ve made with the special people in my heart.  Therefore, I’m sharing with you some of my favourite memories below. Continue reading “My Travel Round Up for the Year 2017”


Portland Part 2: Time Well Spent

Hello again and hope you’re having a blast this weekend!  I just wanted to share a bit more of the things we did/see while in Portland only because I reread my post the last time and only gave a general idea of what the city was like.  Therefore, in this post, I’ve decided to share with you more details of where we ate, shopped or roamed around in because it is a food and shopping haven after all which I’ve mentioned in my previous post.  So without further ado, below are some of the places we went to.

Places Visited: The Daily Feast|Powell’s Books|Lardo|Blue Star Donuts|Portland Aerial Tram|Bamboo Sushi|Voodoo Doughnut

We mainly visited restaurants or bakeries as you can see from the list I made.  Of course that does not include the shops we went to because there were just too many of them. Continue reading “Portland Part 2: Time Well Spent”

Cali Adventure Part 9: Hamilton, The Musical


Happy September everyone!  I somewhat can’t believe that a new month has begun once again because that means time has managed to go by without me noticing.  And with everything that’s happened recently (my brother leaving, being stressed out at work, dealing with family matters and the typhoons that hit Macau, how can I?  However, not to worry, I believe human beings were made to go through stressful events and come out stronger than ever.  And also once again, I’m still trying my best to blog and I know these posts are so long overdue, but don’t judge me.

About  two and a half months ago, my sister and I went to watch Hamilton.  My first ever “broadway” show.  I was excited to watch it long before as I’ve been listening to the album since my sister told me about it last year.  Now, I’ve never learnt about the founding father, Alexander Hamilton, in History class previously as I did not study in the US.  However, after listening to the lyrics of the songs and googling facts about him, I was inspired.  I’ve always liked history and it was a genius of Lin Manuel to have been able to turn Hamilton’s story into a musical!
Continue reading “Cali Adventure Part 9: Hamilton, The Musical”

Cali Adventure Part 9: San Francisco Day 2

1This post is so long overdue… but I told myself I’d try to stick to blogging, so here I am still trying. 🙂  The next day was kind of chill because we had no plans, except for watching Hamilton (which I’ll be sharing with you in another post).

We had breakfast at home, got coffee and then made our way to Steiner St. where we saw the Painted Ladies from Full House.  We were exhausted by the time we got there because again, San Francisco is known to be hilly and steep and since we decided to walk there, we were out of breath when we reached the top.  No pain, no gain eh?  Going there was worth it for me and I’m sure my siblings enjoyed looking at the outside of the apartments/houses too.  HAHA!  I could look at them all day because they’re pretty and different. Continue reading “Cali Adventure Part 9: San Francisco Day 2”

Cali Adventure Part 7: Monterey & San Jose

69While I’m physically back in Macau, my head is still in the clouds and daydreaming about my previous trip with my siblings.  And I have more photos to share, so I’m doing just that.  Also because I don’t really have much to look forward to after I’ve begun working again, but Mind Over Matter. Continue reading “Cali Adventure Part 7: Monterey & San Jose”

Highlights of our Vegas Trip

A few highlights of our Vegas trip despite the fact that we were really only there for a while.

  • I liked the fact that en route to Vegas, I sat in between two lovely people called Matt and Laurie who gave me some insights on where we should go in Vegas and Cali as far as places and food were concerned.
  • We stayed at this hotel that our aunt booked called “Monte Carlo” which was not too far from The Strip.
  • Vegas was “alive” at night and so even though it was way past midnight, there were a lot of people queuing up to get into clubs or playing at the casinos.  But be aware that the shops close at a certain time, so if you want to do a bit of shopping, check what time they close.
  • We got to eat at Shake Shack: a burger chain that I’ve been wanting to try ever since I saw it in New York.  Trust me when I say their cheese fries with bacon bits were to die for! A must try if ever you’re in town or wherever there’s a Shake Shack.

Vegas 9Vegas 11Vegas 10



Regine Anne

Home away from home

Hello again from Little Rock, just a quick update after a week of hopping from city to city.  It’s been really fun travelling with my aunt and my sister and also with my brother who joined us later in San Francisco.  I got to Little Rock way past midnight from Chicago last week on my sister’s birthday and I felt a bit frustrated that that happened, but it’s not like there was anything I could do so I just went with it.  Felt at home the moment I arrived because I saw my siblings waiting for me and one of the main reasons I came here in June this year was because my sister turned 30!  It’s a big deal and I told her that I wouldn’t miss it for the world so we celebrated it and I’m glad to have been a part of it, even though it would’ve been better if our parents were here. Continue reading “Home away from home”