Cali Adventure Part 9: San Francisco Day 2

1This post is so long overdue… but I told myself I’d try to stick to blogging, so here I am still trying. ūüôā ¬†The next day was kind of chill because we had no plans, except for watching Hamilton (which I’ll be sharing with you in another post).

We had breakfast at home, got coffee and then made our way to Steiner St. where we saw the Painted Ladies from Full House. ¬†We were exhausted by the time we got there because again, San Francisco is known to be hilly and steep and since we decided to walk there, we were out of breath when we reached the top. ¬†No pain, no gain eh? ¬†Going there was worth it for me and I’m sure my siblings enjoyed looking at the outside of the apartments/houses too. ¬†HAHA! ¬†I could look at them all day because they’re pretty and different. Continue reading “Cali Adventure Part 9: San Francisco Day 2”

Cali Adventure Part 8: San Francisco Day 1

Having no more than 8 hours of sleep per day during that whole trip was tiring, but I’d do it all over again if it means getting to experience the wonders of each place we go to has to offer. ¬†From Vegas to LA and all our other stops in between, we finally made it to San Francisco, also known as the Golden State (or so I’ve heard). ¬†1

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Cali Adventure Part 7: Monterey & San Jose

69While I’m physically back in Macau, my head is still in the clouds and daydreaming about my previous trip with my siblings. ¬†And I have more photos to share, so I’m doing just that. ¬†Also because I don’t really have much to look forward to after I’ve begun working again, but Mind Over Matter. Continue reading “Cali Adventure Part 7: Monterey & San Jose”

Cali Adventure Part 5: Monterey

After being on the road for another couple of hours, we ended up in Marina (where we stayed at our host‚Äôs lovely home) and after resting for half an hour, we headed out for dinner and ended up in Monterey: another quaint little town that I‚Äôd love to go back to because of its picturesqueness.¬† The weather was perfect, though we were freezing when we got there. ¬†And as we pulled up in one of the empty parking spaces, we witnessed the sunset and boy was it inexplicably gorgeous, especially with the ocean there as well. ¬†Stunning! ¬†4 Continue reading “Cali Adventure Part 5: Monterey”

Cali Adventure Part 4: Oceano & Morro Bay

There are a lot of beaches in California (a lot of which I wanted to see), but given that we only had very little time, we only got to see two: Pismo State Beach & Morro Bay¬†so we had to make the most of every opportunity we got. ¬†While the weather wasn’t as promising as we’d hoped, I thought the beaches still looked very pretty in comparison to the one we have back home. ¬†It was freezing and windy and clothes we had on was not enough. ¬†It made me wonder how the people who were there initially could dip themselves into the water because I wouldn’t have been able to wear a swimsuit and dive in.

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Cali Adventure Part 3: Solvang


We drove to Solvang from Oceano the next day where the weather turned out to be very promising. ¬†This little Danish town was one of the highlights of our Cali trip, for me anyways because I’ve never been to Denmark, so everything was new to me. ¬†I never knew what kinds of food the Danish people eat and since we got to have breakfast there, I got a bit of an idea. Continue reading “Cali Adventure Part 3: Solvang”

Cali Adventure Part 2: Pasadena & Santa Barbara


We drove past LA and headed straight to Pasadena where we had Filipino desserts at Caf√© 86.¬† We got one of the ube cupcakes topped with flan and an ube tart/pie.¬† And to drink I got an ube boba, because why not?¬† Ube errrrthang!¬† My sister got a lemonade or something if I’m not mistaken.¬† I loved the ube cupcake and flan combo because it was different, but I’m not sure I can say the same for the boba.¬† Don’t get me wrong, I’m down for trying new things, but maybe the ube boba was a bit too much.¬† I think I drank half of it though. Continue reading “Cali Adventure Part 2: Pasadena & Santa Barbara”

Cali Adventure Part One: Los Angeles

Aaaahh! ¬†The City of Angels: somewhere I’ve been wanting to go for the longest time because I’ve always wanted to go to places I’ve never been. ¬†My sister and I got on the early flight at 6-ish from Vegas which only took about an hour and we obviously lacked sleep, so we had to each get a cuppa joe and some bagels. ¬†En route to LA, we still fell asleep at some point, but Miley’s song “Party in the USA” was stuck in my head ever since I was told we were gonna pass by. ¬†Landed at LAX, got our bags and went straight to the car rental parking (Alamo Co.) where we paid $197.00 for three days.

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Living on the edge


This trip has been all about “firsts” and I remember being unable to contain my excitement when my sister told me that we were going to the Grand Canyon. ¬†The Grand Canyon! ¬†Again, I never thought I’d be able to step foot in Arizona and sooner than I imagined too. ¬†Carlos and I have talked about going there before and we still intend to do so together, but having seen it has definitely opened my eyes once again. ¬†To be able to live and see such wonder is a blessing. ¬†(I took a lot of photos btw, so feel free to keep scrolling.)

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