Seoul Adventure Part 3: The Hanbok Experience

What I look forward to when travelling to a new city (or country) is the fact that things are bound to be different from what I’m used to.  People say they get butterflies when they’re in love, but I get them whenever I’m in a new place. Continue reading “Seoul Adventure Part 3: The Hanbok Experience”


Seoul Adventure Part 2: Blank Page

Carlos and I have never been the best planners ever when it comes to travelling and with that said, the next day was another blank page for us as we had nothing planned for the day.  We’ve thought of places we wanted to go to of course, but we didn’t know where we to go first until we’d had breakfast at this ramyeon place.  And it was only after we’ve had our fill of good local food and coffee that we decided to go to the theme park “Lotte World”.

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Seoul Adventure Part 1: An Unplanned Plan

Hi there! How’s it going?  I hope things are going smoothly for you whichever part of the world you’re in.  As for me, I’m still a bit hung up on our recent trip to Seoul: the capital city of South Korea.  After all, it’s only been a week since Carlos and I got back.  It’s one of the best trips we’ve (assuming he had the best time too) ever gone on as we had plenty of time, so we were pretty chill when we got there, hence, the title. Continue reading “Seoul Adventure Part 1: An Unplanned Plan”

Portland Part 2: Time Well Spent

Hello again and hope you’re having a blast this weekend!  I just wanted to share a bit more of the things we did/see while in Portland only because I reread my post the last time and only gave a general idea of what the city was like.  Therefore, in this post, I’ve decided to share with you more details of where we ate, shopped or roamed around in because it is a food and shopping haven after all which I’ve mentioned in my previous post.  So without further ado, below are some of the places we went to.

Places Visited: The Daily Feast|Powell’s Books|Lardo|Blue Star Donuts|Portland Aerial Tram|Bamboo Sushi|Voodoo Doughnut

We mainly visited restaurants or bakeries as you can see from the list I made.  Of course that does not include the shops we went to because there were just too many of them. Continue reading “Portland Part 2: Time Well Spent”

My Go-to Chicken Places in Little Rock

Hi everyone!  How’s it going?  I haven’t been doing much recently aside from doing chores and thinking about where to go from here.  Just kidding!  I do not have the time for deep thoughts right now as I’ve been trying to destress since I got here and what better way to do that than to talk about my favorite comfort food: chicken!  Therefore, I’ve decided to write about my top three favorite chicken places I always/try to go to in Little Rock. Continue reading “My Go-to Chicken Places in Little Rock”

Cali Adventure Part 10: San Francisco Photo Diary

IMG_7968.JPGGood morning everyone and have a great day ahead!  It’s currently 6 in the morning and I’ve decided to continue sharing photos of San Francisco, so that I can move on to talk about other things.  I’m really not good at this, but hey, I’m trying my best and I did promise myself that this blog is for me and not for pleasing people.  If you like my blog, thank you 🙂 Otherwise, it doesn’t really matter. Continue reading “Cali Adventure Part 10: San Francisco Photo Diary”

Cali Adventure Part 9: Hamilton, The Musical


Happy September everyone!  I somewhat can’t believe that a new month has begun once again because that means time has managed to go by without me noticing.  And with everything that’s happened recently (my brother leaving, being stressed out at work, dealing with family matters and the typhoons that hit Macau, how can I?  However, not to worry, I believe human beings were made to go through stressful events and come out stronger than ever.  And also once again, I’m still trying my best to blog and I know these posts are so long overdue, but don’t judge me.

About  two and a half months ago, my sister and I went to watch Hamilton.  My first ever “broadway” show.  I was excited to watch it long before as I’ve been listening to the album since my sister told me about it last year.  Now, I’ve never learnt about the founding father, Alexander Hamilton, in History class previously as I did not study in the US.  However, after listening to the lyrics of the songs and googling facts about him, I was inspired.  I’ve always liked history and it was a genius of Lin Manuel to have been able to turn Hamilton’s story into a musical!
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Cali Adventure Part 9: San Francisco Day 2

1This post is so long overdue… but I told myself I’d try to stick to blogging, so here I am still trying. 🙂  The next day was kind of chill because we had no plans, except for watching Hamilton (which I’ll be sharing with you in another post).

We had breakfast at home, got coffee and then made our way to Steiner St. where we saw the Painted Ladies from Full House.  We were exhausted by the time we got there because again, San Francisco is known to be hilly and steep and since we decided to walk there, we were out of breath when we reached the top.  No pain, no gain eh?  Going there was worth it for me and I’m sure my siblings enjoyed looking at the outside of the apartments/houses too.  HAHA!  I could look at them all day because they’re pretty and different. Continue reading “Cali Adventure Part 9: San Francisco Day 2”

Cali Adventure Part 8: San Francisco Day 1

Having no more than 8 hours of sleep per day during that whole trip was tiring, but I’d do it all over again if it means getting to experience the wonders of each place we go to has to offer.  From Vegas to LA and all our other stops in between, we finally made it to San Francisco, also known as the Golden State (or so I’ve heard).  1

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