Reality Check

2July has only just begun and while good things are happening in my life and I’ve learnt to embrace the fact that I’ll just be here, I can’t help but feel unmotivated in my current w-place.  And after learning about what this person I worked my ass off for thought about me, I did not take it well.   Continue reading “Reality Check”


Little Rock, Arkansas

My recent trip to Little Rock involved my whole family getting together due to the fact that my little brother graduated from college which I might have mentioned in a previous post.  I have without a doubt so much love for my family even though we drove each other nuts at some point (because what’s a family vacay without a bit of drama?).1 Continue reading “Little Rock, Arkansas”

My Go-to Chicken Places in Little Rock

Hi everyone!  How’s it going?  I haven’t been doing much recently aside from doing chores and thinking about where to go from here.  Just kidding!  I do not have the time for deep thoughts right now as I’ve been trying to destress since I got here and what better way to do that than to talk about my favorite comfort food: chicken!  Therefore, I’ve decided to write about my top three favorite chicken places I always/try to go to in Little Rock. Continue reading “My Go-to Chicken Places in Little Rock”