Travelling is a wonderful feeling and there are simply no words that can justify how truly amazing it can be.  The experience that one gains, the people you meet along the way and the adventure are only part of the whole “travel package”.  You’ll have to see it for yourselves, taste & savour the moments and of course embrace it and only then will you understand that travelling can make you open your eyes and see that Life is amazing!  Now I have not travelled to a lot of places yet, but I intend to do so while I’m young and able.


  • My first time to ever hop on a plane was when I was 4 years old and my first time to ever be on a long international flight was when I was 7 years old.  Back then, I did not appreciate what it meant to go to another country because I was a child who merely knew what was happening at the time.  However, we did make some great and happy memories, so it’s all good.
The next couple of years brought us back and forth to Manila, Philippines where we would spend weeks of summer vacay just going to malls and visiting relatives and sleeping in.  Going back there had no significance to me because I’d usually just eat local food there while my parents ran errands.  Clearly, I was a typical child who blossomed into a teenager who didn’t care about much back then.
My senior high school year brought the students of our batch closer than ever as we embarked on a journey together to the Republic of Taiwan.  Aah yes, we spent a few days exploring both urban and rural areas during the day time and most of the nights playing games with each other.  It was indeed something to remember.
 The year after following my graduation trip with my mates brought my family and me to Singapore, which is apparently known as one of the most expensive cities in the world.  We visited most of the touristy places such as the Universal Studios, Orchard Road, the Botanical Gardens, Bugis, etc.  I think that was the time I began wanting to travel, but with little $$ to none, I couldn’t do much.
The next summer after, I was in my third year of college/uni where I was given the opportunity to study abroad in Paris!  I grasped it right away of course as soon as my parents gave me the okay signal which I will always be grateful for.  I love them for giving me the chance to be on my own for a while and it did help me a lot, so thank you mom and dad for everything!
After the program had ended, I went straight to Barnsley, UK where I met up with my mom and brother to visit Scarborough, York and London.
In 2013, I got a job at a company which gave me an opportunity to travel to Canada for business.  And though I was not able to go around because of work, I was happy and contented and vowed to myself that I shall return for leisure one day.
The year after that, I travelled to Jakarta, Bali, Manila and of course the US where I quit my job that summer and stayed in Murica for two whole months!  That was definitely my favorite part and I’d do it all over again, except I’m not as young as I used to be anymore.
2015 brought me back to Manila twice, Japan, Bangkok, as well as the US and once again I must say it was one of my favorite years because a lot had happened during that time and I will forever treasure those memories.
Carlos & Regine 2
I got to spend New Year’s in the US so I was there in the beginning of 2016 where I went back for a family reunion with my family (including my parents! yay!) in the middle of the year.  In between, I got to travel to Kuala Lumpur with my childhood friend, Taipei, Manila and Hanoi.  Once again, thankful for the opportunities.
For 2017, I’ll be drafting posts of my travels so stay tuned.  And also, it’s safe to say that I love to travel and experience new things even though I don’t get to flee the city as I please.  I’m trying my very best though, to travel and work at the same time so that I won’t have to do the latter any longer.  HAHAHA!  I wish!