Eurotrip Part 3 – Berlin 1.2

rhdrHello again, people!  It’s once again almost the weekend and I couldn’t be more psyched because I want to rest!  For some reason, I feel so drained most of the time on weekdays and I just can’t help it.  I know it’s only been a week since our CNY break, but I’m tired – of working.  I know right?  I’m complaining about earning a living when I really shouldn’t because it actually pays off.  Anyways, moving on because this is not what this post is about, so I think I’ll leave my current situation at that. Continue reading “Eurotrip Part 3 – Berlin 1.2”


Eurotrip Part 1 – Roma 1.3

rhdrAaah yess! This is the last set of photos of Rome I want to share before I move on to posting even more from our most recent trip.  As you can see, we went back to the Trevi Fountain to take a photo with not a lot of people around.  We definitely woke up early for this, so yea you can totally do the same if you’re ever in the city!  You know how they say the early bird gets the worm?  Well, in this case, a nice view of the Trevi. Continue reading “Eurotrip Part 1 – Roma 1.3”

Eurotrip Part 1 – Roma 1.2

rhdrHi there!  Another weekend calls for another blogpost, so voila.  Here it is because I just have so many pictures to share that I don’t feel like letting them go to waste (not that anybody really cares, but future me does).

On Christmas day, we attended mass at the Trinità dei Monti church located at the top of the Piazza di Spagna.  The mass was celebrated in both Italian and French, so it took more than an hour which is more than what we’re used to, but I speak for myself when I say that I’d felt so blessed during that time because it’s not every year that I get to spend Christmas abroad with my partner in crime.
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Eurotrip Part 1 – Roma 1.1

Happy New Year everyone! I’m back with a new post since I don’t think I’ll be able to post all of the photos we took in Rome on Instagram.

Last year, Carlos and I planned to travel to a different continent together and like I said before, things don’t always go according to plan. And that is how we decided to go to Europe. Though there was not a lot of planning involved because we’re just not that kind of people, we decided to hit four major cities, that being Rome, Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris. Continue reading “Eurotrip Part 1 – Roma 1.1”

A walk down memory lane: New Orleans Edition

1Christmas is my favourite holiday and I cannot exaggerate enough about how much I loooove it.  I tend to get in that spirit where I believe that only good things will come the following year and that it’ll be awesome!  I was overwhelmed with so much emotion when I got to spend the holidays with my siblings and my relatives on the other side one time and to be honest, that was one of the best Christmases ever, so it hasn’t been the same ever since.  Therefore, allow me to take you on a trip down memory lane. Continue reading “A walk down memory lane: New Orleans Edition”

Weekend Shenanigans – Philippine Version Part 2


How do I describe the Philippines?  Two words: Food Haven!  If there’s anything I’d keep coming back for more, I’d say the food because oh-ma-gaaa!  Not only are they cheap, but they’re actually really good, thus satisfying my palate (true for the most part) with every bite.  They’re flavorful (playborpul) and there’s just so much variety, I don’t even know where to begin! Continue reading “Weekend Shenanigans – Philippine Version Part 2”

Weekend Shenanigans – Philippine Version Part 1

13What’s up homies?  It’s been a few days since I got back from the Philippines where I spent last weekend pretty much just pigging out.  Every year, my coworker and I get invited by our sister company to celebrate Christmas with them before the actual occasion when everybody is still available to do so.  While we’ve only ever celebrated at our superiors’ houses before, this time we went to a resort called Cintai Corito’s in Lipa City, Batangas.  Prior to leaving, I read about this place which is apparently a Balinese-inspired sanctuary which is what it says on their website, so go google it if you’re interested.  Continue reading “Weekend Shenanigans – Philippine Version Part 1”

Siem Reap Adventure Part 2: Temple Hopping

Hello people!  It’s been a while again since I posted anything again due to the fact that work has once again taken over most of my time, but fear not for I’m not here to rant nor complain, but to share a long overdue post with you.

I’ve had this in my drafts for a year now because it HAS been a year since we were in Cambodia and I just realized that I never got to share the photos from our “Temple Run” adventure, so I hope you enjoy them.

DCIM102GOPROG0013910.JPG20 Continue reading “Siem Reap Adventure Part 2: Temple Hopping”