Flashback Friday: Friends Café

I’ve had so much to share with you guys since I had a lot of posts drafted, but I never got around to posting any of them due to the fact that January had been nothing but an emotional roller coaster ride for me and my family.  And it doesn’t end there.  The battle continues and we all continue to be strong as we face this ill feeling of uncertainty, but I’ll spare you the details for now. Continue reading “Flashback Friday: Friends Café”


New Year, New Attitude


As a new year is upon us, I’m once again feeling that excitement I usually get whenever it’s the beginning of a new year.  So much positive vibes lingering in the air, so many things I’d like to accomplish and so many “plans” for the future.  I thank God for giving us each day to live as we face each challenge that comes our way with Him.  I have this goal wherein I should do all things with a positive attitude because God has given us so much more than we deserve and we ought to give back by being nice and good to other people.  At least, I’ll try to do just that and kick ass in this thing I call my job. Continue reading “New Year, New Attitude”

My Travel Round Up for the Year 2017

This year has been really epic for me due to the fact that I went all out with travelling to both nearby places and the other side of the world with my boyfriend, siblings and my parents.  I’ve never felt happier and broke at the same time because as I’ve mentioned in one of my posts before, travelling takes a toll on my finances, but nothing can replace the wonderful memories I’ve made with the special people in my heart.  Therefore, I’m sharing with you some of my favourite memories below. Continue reading “My Travel Round Up for the Year 2017”

Siem Reap Adventure Part 1: Sunset at Angkor Wat

Time is a funny thing where “time well spent is time not wasted”.  And once again I’m amazed by how fast time has gone because we are nearing the end of the year while it feels like it was only yesterday when I was contemplating about this exact same thing (my life, all the drama, etc.).5 Continue reading “Siem Reap Adventure Part 1: Sunset at Angkor Wat”

Baby, it’s cold outside


What’s on me: | Beret: Local store, Paris | Scarf: Jcrew Dress: Local Store, Seoul| Jacket: Dorothy Perkins|  Boots: Francesca’s| Clutch: from Tiffany| 

Once again, I’ve underestimated the weather in Macau and with that said, I was under dressed this weekend when Carlos and I hung out.  The cold seeped through my leather jacket, as well as my floral dress which if I think about it was a stupid move of mine since I could’ve worn something warmer.  Instead, I opted for these pieces just because I wanted to showcase this dress that I’ve never worn, including my boots.  With our hot cups of coffee in hand, we tried our best to brave the cold as we took these pictures.  However, even when I had my camera on hand, we decided to use Carlos’ phone camera just because it was easier and well, we got lazy. Continue reading “Baby, it’s cold outside”

Gamcheon Culture Village @ Busan

146While we were in South Korea, I told Carlos that I wanted to go to Busan for a day or two just because we were already there, so off we went to the second most visited city there.  And since we were not able to book a hotel in advance (due to lack of planning), we decided to do a day-trip instead to check out the Gamcheon Culture Village.  A lot of people may wonder if it was worth the trip and for me, it was.  For some reason, I don’t seem to care about money when I’m travelling, so that my friends, is how I go broke whenever my trips end.150 Continue reading “Gamcheon Culture Village @ Busan”

Rare Sundate


I’m taking a quick break from blogging about Korea because I know how long I’ve already dragged it for, so I’m writing about something more recent.  Working life and “adulting” tend to get in the way a lot of what I want to achieve that I’m slowly losing interest in doing what I do.  Therefore, with that said, I try to “run away” to nearby places here in Asia just so my mind can be refreshed and I can be motivated once again.  There was this art exhibition by Team Lab that we wanted to check out, so Carlos and I decided to go to Shenzhen last Sunday as we were both off from work.
Continue reading “Rare Sundate”